Juan Carlos

JUAN CARLOS CARRION invites us to his high_fashion Gallery, including VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, Rebel Mag, ZARA and more… He is a very charming and professional precise Eye_Artist. He loves to travel and keeps his level up and gives us a very beautiful spanish input and enriching style in fashion for editorial, catalogue and fashion.
Vogue Italia, Lucy’s Magazine, Contributor Magazine, Rebel Magazine, Flanelle Magazine, BG Magazine, Revista Hola, Revista Caras, Revista Cosas, Revista Hogar.
Inditex, El corte inglés, Hugo Boss, Cortefiel, Unilever, Ona Saez, Ricky Zarkany, Gustavo Moscoso, Fabrizio Célleri, Poupee Couture, Cristina Amador, Macp Jewelry, De Prati, Tules y Novias, Las Fragancias, Norlop JWT, Koenig Pub, ZARA.